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Profit Maximizers: (now available starting Sept 26, 2018)

These servers automatically mine the most profitable coin for their algorithm. Profitability is maximized in real time. Because multiple coins will be mined, you must mine to your email address (-u [email protected]).

CryptoNight Heavy (Loki, Ryo, Niobio Cash)

Server: cryptonight-heavy.mine.waterparkmining.com
Port: 3030

Coins Online:

Start mining LOKI Loki

Symbol: LOKI Hashrate:
Fee: Miners:
Min payout: 2 LOKI Blocks / day:

Start mining RYO Ryo

Symbol: RYO Hashrate:
Fee: Miners:
Min payout: 4 RYO Blocks / day:

Start mining NBR Niobio Cash

Symbol: NBR Hashrate:
Fee: Miners:
Min payout: 300 NBR Blocks / day:

Recent Payments

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